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mission & bio

My mission as an artist continually evolves, revolves, forms, & transforms.

Art, imagery, and expression represents perspective, emotion, and story.

Moments captured in time & space.

Art invites wild journeys through fields of light, tunnels of shadow, & tubes of color.

Art plays pretend and creates its own timeline.

It tells truths & lies.

Art dances awkwardly through stillness & splatters life onto blank spaces.

Art allows comfort and conversation without words.

Art gives form to the formless.

Art offers clarity in confusion & throws challenges at conformity.

Art speaks in silence & stitches the gaps.

I have a background accumulated across just a kiss shy of 40 years. My most recent creative kick tripped by a curious sequence of life events (belly-flop into the blog for more on that). So I will condense it to its highlight reel, like chicken noodle soup in a freeze dried packet.

As a kid, I retreated into my shell & making art as comfort, a way to mute the external & internal chatter, an escape into unknown worlds. I floundered about (still do) for many years before completing a Bachelor's degree in Art & Media Arts (very practical) at the University of Montana in Missoula. I almost quit just a few semesters shy of graduating, but since life isn't actually horseshoes & hand grenades (or is it?), I forged ahead & discovered a new path to follow by way of a grueling crawl to the "finish" line. I found* something I didn't know I was even looking for, an oasis in the dessert. What I had instinctively & intuitively been doing since childhood was actually "thing." That thing was called Art Therapy, go figure. 

So I grabbed the idea of graduate school, tied up my chapters in Montana with a tattered little bow, and moved down to Santa Fe, NM to pursue Counseling & Art Therapy. It was enchantment at first sight. New Mexico and Southwestern College opened windows and tiny doorways into new places within myself & all around me. Pipe ceremonies, meteor showers, tumbling tumbleweeds, ecstatic trances, ships made of rock, arroyos, sage bushes, wild horses, hummingbirds, an unforeseen trip to AFRICA (shout out to Outside GO!) and...well, straight up magic. And thank sweetness for all of that, because my 15 year old dog rested his precious head in my arms for the last time to adventure over the Rainbow Bridge, so they say (I believe it). And then, just a few quarters before finishing up all of my coursework, my Dad took the same adventure. The Universe can really kick us in the pants sometimes. We all wear "crazy" pants sometimes, what do yours look like?

Jumping ahead a smidge (I may drop a little more on that in the ol' blog), I "finished", tied up the chapter with a dried up old piece of leather (and a touch of lace), and moved full circle back to North Carolina. Now I find myself (or maybe alternatively, lost myself) somewhere at a crossroads, on the fence, in a pickle & a nutshell, & lurking as I always have, in limbo, somewhere in between this and that.

So here we are at an interesting juncture (or junk drawer, if you like nick-knacks & thumb tacks). It is a pleasure to meet you. I am grateful to be at this time & space with you (& especially that you made it through all of these rambling words & random thoughts to this point). Thank you for stopping by, if for nothing more than a curious peek inside another artist's life. It feels like a good time to finally open up the windows, pull myself out of my turtle shell, & get out from under the bed (where I've been hiding my art). Those monsters may actually be an army of tiny miracles, a treasure trove of memories, and potentially* a heck of a story. So consider this my first draft, although life keeps going even if we try to edit or rewrite our stories. Thank you for allowing me to share stories, inspiration, & imagery. Life is pretty darn beautiful, even when it's not, so capture those moments, cherish them, & document them. We make history every passing second so make the time count. I have a bit of catching up to do, as many of you late bloomers out there may too. Baby steps are encouraged, soft disclosure offers a little wiggle room for interpretation & imagination. So this is my challenge to the Universe (it listens & sometimes answers, by the way), and to YOU. 

Let's do this...or that...whichever. Maybe both.

January 2019

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